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Irrigation Services

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RainMaster cares about your irrigation system and your lawn. We want to be sure your sprinkler system is operating at peak performance for many years to come. We offer several irrigation services that will help to ensure your irrigation system will be trouble-free and your lawn is in top condition. Even if we didn't install your sprinkler system, we are more than happy to provide these important irrigation services.

RainMaster offers much more than basic on-site service. When you call us, you will always be answered by friendly personnel who are ready and eager to help. If you're having any trouble, we will respond quickly. We'll be on-time, courteous, and always arrive prepared to solve your problem or address your concern.

Spring Startup

After being inactive throughout the long winter months, your sprinkler system is checked and prepared by our technicians for a trouble-free, optimum summer season of lawn watering. If necessary, we recalibrate sprinkler heads so they water the correct areas. We'll also make sure your system is operating without trouble. Because this is an important service, we auto-schedule the Spring Startup unless you notify us otherwise.

Midsummer Checkup

This important irrigation service provides a routine check of your sprinkler system during its peak operations when your lawn depends on irrigation the most. For those who really wish to protect their lawn investment, the Mid-Summer Check-up is one more way to help guarantee a trouble-free sprinkler system.

Fall Blowout

An essential service for any lawn irrigation system in our area is to have it professionally winterized. We blow out all the water to prevent ruptures and maintain tight seals during the cold winter months. Because this is a vital service, we will auto-schedule a Fall Blowout unless you notify us otherwise.

Snow Removal

RainMaster is an all-weather service provider. This winter, let RainMaster take care of snow removal for your business. Our 24-hour snow removal service is customized to fit your exact needs. From snow plows to hand shoveling and snow blowing, from parking lots to sidewalks, we do it all, and we do it the way you want it done.

General Repairs

If your lawn irrigation system becomes damaged or is no longer operating at peak efficiency, we will be there to fix it. Our technicians have the skills and resources to quickly troubleshoot the problem and repair it.

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